Combat Marine Outdoors at Sagemont Church


CMO was honored to join the Sagemont Church and share our story.  CMO was also honored to perform a flag presentation ceremony for Pastor Chuck and the members of Sagemont Church.

Time Table on Video
Combat Marine Outdoors @ Sagemont Church
00:00- 18:10- Sermon by Sr. Pastor Chuck Sermon
18:00- 26.20- CMO Video
26:20- Rusty addresses audience, Master Guns and Marines talk and perform our special Flag Ceremony for Pastor John Morgan

Sun AM 052911 from Sagemont Church on Vimeo.

Click Here to View Video on Vimeo

To All of our CMO Family,
It is so truly amazing with all that has been happening for Combat Marine Outdoors. We have been blessed in so many ways but probably the biggest blessing of them all is Sagemont Church. Pastor John Morgan, Pastor Chuck Schneider, Media Pastor Ron Ingram, the entire Sagemont Staff along with all of the members have been so incredibly kind and generous. This link is the Sermon from Memorial Day Sunday where CMO was allowed to be a part of a great day. By the way, the Sanctuary was filled and the overflow area had over 400 additional members and guests.

Please enjoy as Cpl. Chris Bryde, LCpl Brandon Pelletier, LCpl Steven May, Sgt. Nate Rolens(US Army) who were all in the original CMO Video join Master Guns Garcia, GySgt Jeffery Allen and I at Sagemont Church for one of three services. Colonel Alan Orr could not be there as he was deployed but sent his best to all.
I think you’ll agree, that this sermon from Pastor Chuck and the ceremony by our wounded heroes was powerful and patriotic.
Thank you Pastor John Morgan and all of Sagemont for allowing us into your home
God Bless and Semper Fi.

Rusty, Master Guns and Colonel Orr
& the CMO Board of Directors


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