Macy Ledbetter

macy-ledbetterMacy Ledbetter is a professional wildlife biologist with a life-long passion for wildlife, habitat, and hunting. Macy earned his degree from Texas A&M University and now operates his wildlife consulting business, Spring Creek Outdoors, based in central Texas on his historic family ranch. Macy is a fifth-generation rancher and actively manages his ranch for optimum cattle and wildlife production. His client list totals over 2.5 million acres in all corners of Texas and parts of Mexico.  He understands and explains wildlife management processes like few others and can make each individual step palatable and educational for his clients.  When he is not surveying wildlife or writing about game management, he may be found supporting positive legislative actions or involved in a wide array of public speaking activities.  Macy and his wife Cathy have two grown children and a host of diverse pets on their homestead ranch.

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