Trophy Game Records

TGR.pngAround 1965, Joe Burkett, DVM, began to collect data to support an innovative trophy scorekeeping system. Ten years later he introduced to the trophy collecting and record keeping world his Burkett System. Personal circumstances forced Dr. Burkett to turn his beloved system, to which he had devoted years of research, to dedicated subscribers who have continued to maintain the records. After the EWA acquired the system in the late 1980’s, and several name changes later, it became known as the Trophy Game Records of the World (TGR). In June 2015 the EWA solicited the sale of Trophy Game Records of the World (TGR). To ensure that TGR stayed intact and was not sold to an outside entity, a group of current TGR members came together and formed (UHHI) United Hunting Heritage International, a non-profit corporation, and obtained Trophy Game Records from the EWA. Trophy Game Records is not owned by any individual, it is owned by the non-profit corporation UHHI. Our goals for the future are to continue with the integrity that TGR’s foundation is based upon while building on future projects such as hunter education and youth wildlife and land management camps.

To date, the TGR system remains the only one that honors the game animal for the trophy it produced. It is the only system based on solid scientific evidence and geometric formulas. It is an entirely objective system. The basis of this system is the same today as it was when it was introduced. Thousands of hunters have shown their support of this system by entering trophies into its record book.

Trophy Game Records of the World recognizes that sport hunting can be an appropriate means of regulating animal populations within the carrying capacity of their environment. Sport hunting can also be economically beneficial, enabling landowners to better manage and conserve the wildlife and habitat on their property while maintaining their hunting heritage.

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