Jeff Larson

Thank you for inviting me and including Brennen on the most unique experience we have ever attended outdoors.  Brennen and I both grew stronger as a father and son team this past weekend and he discovered who actually pays for our FREEDOM to hunt and fish together.  Steven May was a blessing to our family.  Brennen feels Steven is his new big brother.  Jeremy and Josh touched us with their jokes and fun loving attitudes.  Chris, Gunny Breaux, and the rest of the crew gave us a deeper respect for what all Marines and Soldiers do for us plus the sacrifices they made and are making to protect our freedoms.  Brennen and I would like to thank the Cliburn Family for opening up their historic ranch to CMO’s festivities.  We also took in a  neat lesson on Texas History about Calhoun County cattle ranching with the Cliburn’s posted pictures and maps not to mention the evolution of cell phones display case.  Brennen didn’t know what a bag phone was and  had never seen a bag phone.  Now that is dating technology.

Another special thanks needs to go to Mike and Vicky Campbell for making things run smooth at the ranch plus the band that made the weekend more memorable for all who attended.

The event touched Veteran Mike Kopecinski who is a disabled Veteran and Purple Heart recipient  from Vietnam.  Mike has shared with me the horrible chastising he received when he returned from the Vietnam War.  I was glad to see Mike be apart of what he should have received and missed while he was in a hospital bed recovering from his war wounds.   After hearing about how he was treated by Americans after he returned injured, it was sickening.  Seeing what CMO is doing to fix that historical mistake by last weekend events,  After this event, I know  CMO is making all the right moves to make sure our Veterans feel appreciated for what they sacrificed.  I pray and feel that US Citizens have learned from their past mistakes of not embracing our protectors.   Combat Marine Outdoors and it’s supporters are making the proper Christian based stand for what is needed to help the Armed Force’s wounded get back to a normal life of love and support from the community from which they enlisted.

The Larson Family extends any of their resources to CMO for as long as Veterans need a welcome home experience or excursion to help them reenter the life they left behind to keep my family out of harms way.

Please fill free to call me for help with any of your future projects.

The Larson Family wants to welcome home all veterans and wants each Veteran, wounded or not, to feel like the Hero we know them to be.