I first became involved with Combat Marine Outdoors in May of 2014 when my dad, Butch Hodges, invited me and my husband to attend the warrior weekend of fishing in Seadrift, TX. Seadrift is a small town on the coast full of people with big hearts and they proudly welcome Combat Marine Outdoors to town each May for a fun-filled weekend of fishing. For several years my dad has recruited some of the best fishing guides in South Texas to help make the fishing weekend one that the warriors will always remember. These guides donate their boats, time and expense to make this possible. My husband and I have become very actively involved with Combat Marine Outdoors and their annual trips to Seadrift. We work very closely with my dad and his wife Mary to hold multiple fundraisers throughout the year in an effort to support Combat Marine Outdoors. It is remarkable to see the smiles on all their faces knowing the sacrifices each of them has made for us and our country. We know how much Combat Marine Outdoors has done to help these warriors begin to heal with these opportunities to be in the great outdoors. My dad is a Vietnam veteran who proudly served his country but like so many others, he himself suffers with PTSD. His involvement with Combat Marine Outdoors has not only helped countless men but has done so much to help him finally begin his own healing. Seeing the smiles on all the warrior’s faces makes everything we do that much more worthwhile! And at the end of the day, fish stories are told, memories are made and healing continues.