Micaiah Roydes

I know that we all spent a bit of time saying our goodbyes yesterday. But I wanted to reach out and express those thanks in a way that I’m more comfortable; through writing.

I can’t begin to tell all of you how amazing this trip was. I had more fun in those few short days than I can recall having in quite some time. Everything from the food to the view was perfect. I have never felt so welcome. Each morning I woke up and asked myself what I had done to deserve such an amazing adventure. I have always looked at my 20 years of service as doing what I wanted to do. I think that keeping the focus on my own wants and desires instead of the service provided to the country made it easier to deal with the expectations.

When I was wounded I gave up. I gave up on God. I gave up on myself. But recently a couple things have given me reason to open the dialogue with both God and myself. I realized that the perfection of my wife and the timing of this trip couldn’t have been an accident. I needed that trip. I needed to be forced to open up to other people and to see the majesty of south Texas. Taking this animals, catching those fish, and sharing those moments had a restorative effect on me that is hard to measure. Thank you all from the bottom of my hearth. I wish I could do this again with all of you every weekend.