Reese Kimball, CEO, Empower Vets

I cannot begin to tell you how honored I was to be Combat Marine Outdoors’ host at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo on Wednesday. It was truly humbling for me to meet those young men who gave so much to ensure my freedom and way of life. Each and every one of our young heroes deserve so much more. I hear from time to time someone talking about an experience that is “life changing”. And now I can say that I definitely have had one. Throughout the event on Armed Forces Appreciation Day, I learned what is all about to be of service to your country and what sacrifice is. Too much of my life has been consumed by attempting to meet my own needs. My volunteering for that committee is something that will change me and the way that I look at our country and its Armed Services forever.
From listening to the story from Micheal Thornton to watching the World War II veterans shake the hands of the young folks , I was moved by the power of that day. And nothing was more powerful than being able to spend time with the young men from Combat Marine Outdoors. I can’t wait to see the guys again so don’t forget to send me the details for your event at BAMC in April. I really would like to attend. Thanks again and I am already looking forward to doing it bigger and better next year.