Sue Waddingham RN, BSN, IBCLC

Navy Marine Corps Relief Society
Combat Casualty Assistance Program
Visiting Nurse

My sincere appreciation for the opportunity to serve as an escort for the recent Devils River Trip.  I have now seen, first hand, the full measure of value these trips provide to our service members in the great outdoors… in an environment of warm hospitality, genuine camaraderie, and purposeful activity. It was readily apparent that your attention to detail, careful selection of location, and skilled control of the environment facilitated opportunities for healing far exceeding those available within the conventional health care setting.

In my interaction with the participants, I took notice as each one progressed through his assessment of the environment and the people involved, with each of their unique physical and emotional burdens, and this quickly became much more than just a weekend adventure. It became a profoundly rich experience for all.
Our generous hosts discovered that despite every effort they made and every intention of “giving” (and give, they did… with their time, their energy, their knowledge and expertise, and their food, food, and more FOOD…), they couldn’t help but feel that they had received so much more in return in getting to know these fine warriors.
Our service members experienced things like honor and acceptance, fellowship, excitement, challenge, peace, awe, freedom, and hope (and the occasional mild sunburn and river rash). I’d like to suggest that for them, because of your efforts, CMO may not only represent “Combat Marine Outdoors”, but also “Confidence Moving On.”
Great times, great memories, great work.